Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Big Box O Variety Is What It Was

Infield Fly Rule Trade Post

Inside a big box of baseball cards one is bound to find a lot of variety, even when the topic is only Angels.  There were a lot of cards in that box from Infield Fly Rule as you can see, but I just picked out some to demonstrate the wide variety of styles as well as personal collection hits that there were.

Mike Trout Collection, Chrome, Portrait.

Mike Trout Collection, Landscape.

Landscape, Crotch Shot (not a collection)

Fleer Logo Stickers Collection.
The one on the right is also a Variation (note the white circle under the TM).

Nolan Ryan Collection, Wally Joyner Collection, Former Angels, 2-Player Card.

Angels In The Background.

Former Angels, 2009 Upper Deck Set Collection (along with a short stack of other 2009 Upper Decks I needed).

Tim Salmon Collection, Chrome.

Variation (yellow font).

I really enjoyed going through this box.
The sorting of it will probably take days.

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