Friday, December 12, 2014

Box Set - 1990 Fleer League Leaders

Just when you think you've seen all of the 10,000 different Fleer box sets from the 80's and 90's, you discover another one.

Introducing (to myself at least) 1990 Fleer Baseball League Leaders, a Limited Edition 44-card box set with 6 Fleer Logo Stickers.

Pretty cool little Listia win.
The reason I went for these is two-fold:
There is an Angel in the mix,
and I wanted the 6 Logo Stickers!

I scanned the set because it's a cool looking design and because all of the cards shown are available to you team, player, or whatever collectors.  Just let me know.

You'll notice some missing cards.
That's because I'm keeping those, and you'll see which one's when you scroll further down.

So anyone need any of those?

Here are the sweet stickers that came in the box:

I'm close to finishing this 1990 sticker set.

So these are the cards that were missing, my keepers:

More than likely it will end up in the Griffey trade box, I'm just not ready to let it go yet.
I like to hold on to Griffey cards that are new to me.
For a while at least.
I'm weird that way.

This will go into the Player Collection binder under Bo Jackson.
Unlike Griffey, Bo has his own pages where I keep a single copy of his baseball cards.
The rest go in the Bo Jackson trade box.

Some with Nolan.
He even has his own binder.

This one goes on the stack for Tim Wallach Cards, where all the Tim Wallach cards I come across go.  The stack is about 6 different cards high so far this round.

And the sole Angel in the box set.
Devo warrants a "Completed Angels Team Set - 1990 Fleer League Leaders" post sometime.
Easy set to complete.

Lot's of cool stuff to be had on Listia.


  1. i could use the belcher and saxy….

  2. I could use the Van Slyke. Never seen this set before, and for good reason it would appear. How the heck did Lonnie Smith lead the league in anything in 1990?

  3. Lonnie Smith led the league in OBP in 1989. FWIW, he also led the league in Runs in 1982, and HBP from 1982-1984. He was actually pretty good at getting on base for his whole career.

  4. I, too, have never seen this set. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You gotta stop posting this stuff when I'm working.