Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Fairfield Stocking Stuffer

There it is.  
Found it next to my stocking on Christmas Morning.
Santa is sweet that way.
Four packs of cards, a box of 50 random cards, and a BONUS!
Fairfield repacks are typically not my style, but they are fun to open on Christmas morning.

This is the BONUS!
2003 Bowman Gold Signature of someone named Chris Smith.
At first I thought I had poorly cropped the scan, but no, the card itself is miscut.

Then came the box of 50 random cards.

Here are the highlights, and there aren't many.

The Sandy Alomar Topps 1990 Rookies fits a collection of mine.
Hunter Pence' rookie card is neat, but only because it's relevant right now.
The Babe Ruth Color Conlon Collection is a prototype card, so that's really cool actually.
Uncommon Jeter, nice but he'll end up on Listia.
The Griffey fits into my new checklist collection (more on that later).
And the Classic 4-Sport is just a just a sweet looking card.

Pack 1 of 4

2013 Topps Archives

One decent hit, a tall boy.

Pack 2 and 3 of 4

2013 Topps Update

Cool right off the bat because the wrapper features Mike Trout and I needed it for the Mike Trout Wrapper Collection.
(See you can have a collection for just about anything)

The Puig Rookie is nice, if that's even his true rookie.
And the other inserts...meh.

Here are the rookies that were in the two packs.
I like the Christian Yelich, he did me well on my fantasy team last season.

Pack 4 of 4 
was actually a double rack pack.
Not sure if all the Fairfield repacks have a rack pack but I'm sure glad mine did.
That's much more of a bonus than the 2002 Bowman Chris Smith card.

Awesome that it features an Angel on the wrapper.
That doesn't happen too often.

Again, nothing fancy in the inserts.

And I got an Angel rookie card.
Garrett Richards, who would have taken the Angels all the way to a World Series win last year if he hadn't gotten hurt.
(No pressure for 2015 Garrett)

Oh and this card was in there too: