Thursday, April 23, 2015

All Shapes And Sizes

You guessed it.
More pocket schedules.
When the bug bites, it's tough to not scratch.

This lot represents many styles of the so called "pocket" schedule.
I got these via two trades on Skednet
I have a big box of traders that I use (all sorts of other teams and sports) that I've stored up over the years, and still pick them up whenever I can find them.

I think that the 1991 is my oldest Spanish version.  
It wasn't until recently that I realized they put out Spanish versions of schedules back into the 90's.  
I don't believe there are any from the 80's.
At least not any Angels schedules.

Barry's Tickets were putting out these credit card like schedules for a while.
I think they stopped doing that last year.

This one is called a "tear-off".
A pad of schedules would be hanging on or near a Budweiser display and you would simply pull a sheet off, fold it in half and put in your....wait for it....POCKET!

Ticket envelopes are pretty cool too.
Sometimes they have a schedule printed on one side.
Not this one.

Got caught up on my 2014 Angels schedules in one sh-bang.
One Spring training, one English, and one Spanish.
Keeping it simple.

Several years ago there were, if I recall correctly, like 6 different versions of Angels schedules for one season.
That's just crazy.

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