Saturday, April 11, 2015

Too Big For The Grab Bags

Stopped at the LCS, a quick trip to pick up 6-pocket pages for my pocket schedule collection.
All paid for, I was getting ready to leave when my LCS guy handed me a binder he had stashed under his table for a long time, thought I might see something I liked in it.
It was a binder of autographed team-issued Rangers Alumni players postcards, which I have gotten often over the years at various Rangers events.
I thumbed through the album seeing that I already had just about all of them, except for two.
I didn't necessarily pick these two out just because I didn't already have them.

I picked out this Dick Egan signed card because Egan played for the Angels in 1966.  He also played for the Angels AAA team, the Hawaii Islanders in 1962.
I already had a signed card of his but I thought this would make a nice addition to the Angels autographs collection.

The reason I picked out this card is because, well, I just liked it.
David Clyde is kinda a local legend, you can look him up if you don't know his story.
I liked the bold blue autograph, and David's big grin.

My LCS guy said that I could take these, and just bring in a couple autographed regular-sized baseball cards next time I come in.  These big cards don't fit into the grab bags.
I got plenty of  autographed "traders" so that's no problem at all.

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