Monday, May 4, 2015

Long Ago And From Far Far Away...

...I received these cards from Junior Junkie.
(I'll be playing catch-up with posts for the remainder of the year)

Gotta love em.
So many more Fleer Stickers towards the Master Set.
I really appreciate it anytime someone gives these up.

Salmon with Salmon on the side.

Minor Leaguers.
Great for autographs!
Yacinich is already in the mail.

Mr. Gimpy Albert Pujols.
The 89 Topps retro is especially cool now that I've actually been to Tempe Diablo Stadium.
We sat in the grass in the background right next to Albert's elbow.
That is, until we found unclaimed seats in the shade.


  1. Those 82 Fleer stickers take me back to my first collecting experience. Good times.

  2. Love me some Fleer stickers from the 80's. Great stuff.

  3. Vanegas is actually a Dodger, FYI.