Friday, May 15, 2015

Sweet Surprise From GCRL

Pretty sure this was a random package.
Another example of an awesome blogger thinking of me.

Sampling of the Angels cards in the fat pack.
I got used to seeing Reggie as an Angel.
It's automatic.
Dave Winfield?
Still kinda sets me back a bit whenever I see him in an Angels uniform.

Here's an Angels uniformed player on another teams card.
Nice picture of the great Bryan Harvey who was chosen by the Marlins in the Expansion Draft.
Too bad, this would have made a sweet Angels card.

My first thought upon seeing this card is that it got into the wrong stack.  I didn't see the Angels logo in lower right corner at first.
Too much "Dodger" to airbrush out I guess.
Luke played in 18 games for the Angels in 1999.

Here's a sampling of the checklist cards included.
I have a gazillion checklists but it's tough to actually complete a set.
There's always that one card that you cant find.

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