Friday, May 1, 2015

New Ones, Old Faces

Another batch this way comes.

Stingers, Owlz, Kernals, 66ers, Quakes, and Angels how about that.
I cannot readily identify who most of those players are.
Gonna guess that's Nick Morande on the 2012 Owlz.
Maybe Alexi Amarista on the 2010 Kernals.
That might be Sean Rodriguez on the 2007 Quakes schedule.

These guys I can for certain identify:

No, not the evil owl eyes.
That's a nice tribute to Casey Kotchman on this 2005 Orem Owlz schedule.
Interesting note though: Casey never played for the Owlz.
Casey was a rookie in 2001 and played for the Provo Angels and the AZL Angels that same year.
In 2004 he bounced between Arkansas, Salt Lake, and the Big Angels.
So I have to assume this schedule was from a series of tributes to Angels Greats.

Who knows who that is?
I do!
I'd know him anywhere.
That is Angels Awesomeness Todd Greene.
Todd was with the AAA Canadians from 1995-1998, bouncing back and forth between them and the Big Angels.
Todd has obviously just gone yard.

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  1. Orem replaced Provo in the Pioneer League in 2005, so they were obviously claiming Prove as their team history.