Friday, January 12, 2018

A Load of 444 and Them Some

Baseball Cards Come To Life took it upon himself to inundate me with cards for a couple of my quirky collections: Baseball Cards Numbered 444, and Sweepstakes type cards.

Thirty Six cards numbered 444.
I hope Bo didn't go bustin all his full sets to get me these #444 cards!

1989 Bowman
This is not only the largest card numbered 444 so far, it also includes the largest font so far. Not that I'm tracking that.

2017 Topps Now Info Card
Topps Now is a pretty cool idea, just not for me. I'm more a traditionalist.

1999 Upper Deck Playstation MLB 2000 Sweepstakes card
Love these sweepstakes cards that you have to spell something out.
Makes for a cool little set collection.

Adding the "0" card leaves me just needing the "2" and another "0" and then the gold "2" to complete the set. I imagine finding the gold "2" will be next to impossible.


  1. Wow, #444 cards? That is a pretty impressive care package!

  2. Just curious... is 444 your favorite number?

  3. Yes favorite number. Goes back to gradeschool, me and buddy goofing off.

    1. Got it. Tried searching your blog for the answer. :)

  4. It was fun pulling them. Was hoping to have 44 different but fell a bit short.