Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Very Brady Christmas

Loved the Brady Bunch growing up. 
Cornball I know, but my teenagers still watch it from time to time.

Too Many Verlanders sent me a hefty package before Christmas, we hadn't traded in a while so it was really nice to hear from Dennis.

Here's the buttload of Tom Brady cards he sent.

Obviously, the Patriots are my team to collect, but the focus of the team collection is on pre-1994, and so that's what my wantlist reflects. I can't handle trying to keep track of everything Angels AND everything Patriots, so I had to put a limit on the Pats, at least as far as organizing them. It's awesome however when a fellow blogger disregards the wantlist and sends me a bunch of post-1994 Patriots cards.
Because I still need them, still want them, just haven't organized them yet.
Did I just contradict myself?

The package had some weight behind it, and I soon realized why.
Full issues of Angels-on-the-cover magazines!

Nice trip down memory lane going through old Becketts.
The Erstad cover had a nice checklist of his cards, and I forgot how highly rated Troy Glaus was and how in-demand his rookie cards were at the time.

Another great cover for the 2002 World Series Champs.
Is Lackey the last still-active player from that team?

Counting the days till we hear he's in Cooperstown (as an Angel?)

Dennis also included some really fine numbered and parallel cards.
2006 Upper Deck #664 Gold 071/299

1998 Topps MLB Stars #14 Silver 3401/4399
1998 Topps MLB Stars #79 Bronze 8176/9799

1999 Upper Deck View To A Thrill #V1, 1222/2000

2003 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia, Tool Of The Trade TT-4, 099/100

2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Inserts DK-1, 1833/2005

Cool cards like "Fractal Matrix", SPECIALFX" and "Gold Leaf Rookies".
Really nice 1995 Bowmans Best Refractor in this group too.

 Like I said, Dennis and I hadn't traded in a long time, so I was very pleased to get this package from him. Can't wait to start pulling a return package!


  1. I’m definitely a fan of the vintage stuff. Nice care package!

  2. Great stuff all around. I love Brady and that was a huge hall of Bradys. Always nice to have folks who do ya right.