Friday, January 26, 2018

Shout Out - UPDATE (I Cried)


Vlad announced that he'll be going into the Hall wearing an Angels hat on his plaque!
I cried.
Those of you with hats already in the Hall might not understand.
Those with no hats in the Hall, you will understand someday, if not now.

The closest the Angels came to getting represented on a HOF plaque was with Nolan Ryan who ended up choosing to go in wearing a Rangers hat (even though his primary team is listed as the Angels).
And if that were anyone other than Ryan I'd never forgive them for the snub.
But now the long wait is over.

This team has made me cry tears of joy in the past:
1. Making their first (and only so far) World Series.
2. Tim Salmon hitting his first World Series Home run.
3. Winning the World Series.
(2002 was an emotional year!)

It's such a bid deal, after a lifetime of cheering for the same team, to get represented in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Thank you Vladdy.
Thank you.

(Where's that damn box of tissues.)


  1. Well deserved. He'll always be an Expo to me, but I don't know that I've watched a player who could do it all and do it all as well as Vlad.

  2. I hope he'll be the first Angels hat plaque in Cooperstown.

  3. Just stumbled across your blog via Trading Card Database. Congrats on Vlad in the HOF and the Angels cap! Question - is that a custom card above or a real one that I have no knowledge of every existing???

  4. I was genuinely surprised Vlad will wear the first Angels cap on a Hall of Fame plaque, especially considering how long the team has been around. Outside of Nolan Ryan, Rod Carew was probably your closest Hall of Famer.

  5. Very cool to see Vlad to be the first player to wear an Angels cap in Cooperstown.

    The Vlad card is from a 2009 Upper Deck insert set.