Sunday, March 18, 2018

#8 Want Taken Care Of

Trade Post From Night Owl

Greg sent some cards as a return for those I sent him for my Year For Team Traders I advertised a couple months ago. It's been a slow trickle getting those in the mail: like I mentioned, it'll probably take all year for those who commented on a team to finally get them.
Anyhow, Greg sent some nice stuff in return, and the first is the last card I needed for my 1977 Topps Patriots team set, and a card that was #8 on my Top Ten Wants.

1974 Topps #221

1996 Stadium Club #49

2000 Topps Golden Anniversary Going For Gold #GA48

2018 Topps Now Promotional Discount Card
2017 Bowman Then & Now #1

2008 and 2009 A&G Mini
The Ervin Santana is a A&G back.

Good stuff Greg, much appreciated.

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  1. Great Trout cards but what Trout cards aren't? Garret Anderson is another solid Angel and Mo is wearing my favorite Angels uni of all-time. Fun post. Thanks.