Wednesday, March 7, 2018

You Still At This Address?

I love hearing that. I received an email a month or so back from Remember The Astrodome with those words. Seems he had something he wanted to send me.

Shortly thereafter, I got a large flat package, inside were these 8x10 photo cards. I had never seen them before, and Marc wasn't sure about them except that he thought they were 1989 T&M Sports. I did a little research myself  but I can't verify that anywhere other than a single example of a Kirby Puckett version on ebay, under the heading 1988 T&M Sports Photo Card, but that is the only reference I can find. They arent in my Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.

They're very similar to the design of T & M's popular Umpire cards and Senior League card sets from the same time, so unless someone can identify these with a reference I'll have to go with 1988 T&M Sports. But they also look alot like a 1990 8x10 series by CMC.

 So I have no idea if this the complete Angels set or not, since I can't find a checklist.

Any help appreciated, and thanks Marc for a sweet Angels collectable!


  1. Looks to me that Abbott and Blyleven were not with the Angels until '89 which would eliminate the '88 set. Or am I reading this wrong?

    1. That's true Commish, I think Marc pointed that out as well. Maybe the Puckett is misidentified then, or that design was used for multiple years. Weird that I can't find any other examples.

  2. I do believe these date to 1989 - the Brewers I sent Tony had Sheffield, the Astros I have seem to all overlap in 1989, the Padres I sent Gavin included Roberto Alomar, and Griffey is in the Mariners.

    You're most welcome! I'm looking forward to seeing what we can dig up. Too bad Bob Lemke isn't around anymore.

  3. Can't help with the identification stuff. But the Downing, McCaskill, and White action shots are fantastic.