Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bought If For The Wrapper

Here's two packs I bought recently in order to get the Trout wrapper, yes, to get the Trout wrapper, one that I needed for the Trout Wrapper Collection. Kinda crazy buying an older pack of cards just for the wrapper, but hey, to each his own, right?

2013 Series 2, 10-card Hobby
I really wasn't too concerned with pulling anything good, but let's see what I did pull.

Top 4 cards in the pack, meh.

1:6 Emerald Parallel

Ooh, a 1:12 pack pull, pretty cool. Machado's a good one for this subset.

Next 4 cards, pulled an Angel, although I wish it would have worked out better for both of us Josh.

Info card on the bottom.

Top 4 cards, hey another Angel. Seems I rarely pull Angels even though that's primarily what I'm looking for when I rip a pack.

1:6 Emerald Parallel, pretty good card in Aroldis Chapman.

Whoa, my second Cut To The Chase in two packs!
And a Bryce Harper, second best only to the Trout card I think.

Next 4 cards, another Angel, and two future Angels.

Thought I'd show you the back of the info card.

So, out of 2 hobby packs: 3 Angels, 2 Emeralds and 2 Cut To The Chase.
Pretty good.

I know there's a 2013 jumbo 50-count Hobby pack Trout wrapper that I need, but it was a little too pricey to justify buying the unopened pack just for the packaging. I think there's an 8-card pack out there too.


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  2. The Cut to the Chase cards are such beauties! I was disappointed to see no Braves in the set. Definitely nice pulls.

  3. A few years ago, I bought a 1972 Topps wrapper for my collection. At least your wrapper came with cards.

  4. I used the collect packs and boxes that had Griffey.

  5. I just noticed that the 2013 Topps wrappers have the 2013 Topps design template on them. That's pretty cool.