Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Checkin' It Off - 1974 Topps

Completed the 5-card checklist set for 1974 Topps, and the 1-card checklist for 1974 Topps Traded.

 1974 was the first year Topps cards weren't issued in series, but instead all at once at the beginning of the season. The 1974 set contained 660 cards.
The dark green backs and small font make the names a bit hard to see.
Card #414 Checklist 397-528 is valued a bit higher than the other checklists. The only real big name is Harmon Killebrew, maybe that's why?
Also interesting that the trademark is in two different locations on the bottom.

Single, unnumbered checklist card for the Traded set.
Odd in that the cards in the traded set correspond to the players card in the regular set, therefore they are not numbered sequentially: there's no 1, 2, 3.... in the 43-card set. It all depended on the card number from the regular set.

No big names being traded in 1974, however we can see that Aurelio Monteagudo went from the Angels to the Phillies.


  1. Ron Santo and Juan Marichal are big names! Wynn, Piniella, and maybe Agee could be considered semi-big names. Oddly Agee never actually played for the Dodgers. When/if I get my blog going I plan to have that card in my header.

  2. The way many of the 1970s checklists appear to treat the card numbering as a complete afterthought really weirds me out.

  3. Man, the color of those checklists: Let's choose puke green for the main color!