Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Time Traveling For A Checklist

I recently participated in Diamond Jesters Time Travel Trading and came away with a sweet 1966 Topps checklist card. The idea is to trade something older in return as he's trying to see how old of a card he can eventually end up with. I sent him a 1956 Topps, you can see it in the link.

A beautiful thing is an unmarked vintage checklist.

I found it even more beautiful when I turned the card over:
Fits nicely in my Baseball Cards #444 Collection!

This is actually card #444b "456 Red Sox Rookies"
as opposed to #444a "456 R. Sox Rookies"

So amble over to Diamond Jesters and trade up for some cool cards.


  1. Nice to check both the "444" and the "check list" check lists with one card!

  2. Thanks for the plug! I'm glad the card hit 2 marks on your checklist!

  3. Pretty cool. Glad you were able to nab that for your collection!

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