Tuesday, July 17, 2018

June Affordable Group Break Results

Cardboard Collections held the monthly group break recently (recently when I wrote this post, but not by the time I finally post this), and after originally passing on the June break, I decided better. By then the second team had already been randomized, but no packs had been busted yet, so Colbey let me jump in and buy the Angels slot at the last minute (otherwise it would have been his, along with like 8 other teams no one claimed). I also ended up with the Mariners, nothing fancy to show there, so those will go into the trade box.
Happy though with the Angels I received.

2003 Upper Deck Forty Man
Pretty sure I needed just about every one of these cards. Interesting that there were no dupes pulled.

 2002 Upper Deck Diamond Collection
Didn't fare as well as I had hoped, but still two cards I needed.

Can't recall which box these came out of but happy to get an example of each of the info or "dummy" cards. You know by now that I collect these stupid cards.

Just a few Angels pulled out of the bonus packs.

Good stuff, looking forward to another Affordable Group Break in the future.


  1. I was happy with my Red Sox pulls too. You did get some nice cards and I really like that World Series pull. Good stuff. Now I need to get on my own post covering the break. Thanks for the post.

  2. Angels were well represented in 40 Man...glad you got some stuff you needed!