Thursday, April 9, 2020

A Big Biggs Bubbler

...or "A Big Bubbler From (Kerry) Biggs Cards on Cards" which is a little easier to say.

Regardless, I'm here to show them all.

2018 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs RA-FA
Arcia appeared in 40 games for the Halos in 2018, his only year in the Majors, before moving on.
I believe he's currently a free agent. Not sure how well he was touted, but someone saw something there enough to warrant his own certified autograph card.

2019 Topps Stadium Club #89 Rainbow Foil Board 02/25
Quite possibly the lowest numbered card in my collection now.
Very cool.

2009 Upper Deck Goudey Heads Up #296 SP
It's not No-Neck Williams, but Vladdy's head is a little too low on his shoulders.

That's pretty close to the full set of Angels from series 1.
I can't believe Calhoun is not in the lineup anymore.

2019 Topps Update Shohei Ohtani Highlights
These are my first, so it's a nice start to this 20-card insert set. I can't say that I love the design, but I do love the idea of Ohtani having his own insert set.

2019 Topps Heritage
Another good chunk towards this team set. I am severely lacking in 2019 Angels.
And I know it's following the theme, but I'm not of fan of the staged photos on these retro cards. It just looks too cheesy.

2019 Topps Big League Gold Parallel
I missed out on these last year, but I probably would have bought a lot of them, its a nice design. Reminds me of 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack, which I love.

2019 Topps Gallery Preview National Baseball Card Day GP-MT
So I'm assuming this was a redemption card given out by dealers on National Baseball Card Day?

2019 Topps Fire En Fuego Gold EF-9 and Lasting Legacies Blue Chip LL-15
Whoooo sweet cards. And I love cards with Nolan Ryan in the background.

2006 Bowman Heritage
These fill a few holes. The colors on these are a lot more vibrant than they scanned.

2009 Topps Vintage Stock
These Vintage Stock are great, but they seem pretty hard to come by, I don't have many Angels in my collection. Those that I do have were all given to me.

2009 Topps Black
I usually don't care for much black cards (think back to 92-93 Pinnacle - blech) but these I really like.

Turkey Red Mix
This is another of those themes I seem to be lacking in the Angels binders. Beautiful cards though, and that's one reason I recently added the 2007 complete set to my want list. That, and the fact that I have about half of the 185-card set already.

Rounding out the baseball portion with a mix of odds and ends.

And ending on Patriots!
I'm actually excited to have a season without Tom Brady.
I'm thinking it will be refreshing.

Phew, that took a lot of scanning and thinking!
Thanks so much Kerry!


  1. Solid package. I think my favorite is the no-neck 2009 Upper Deck Goudey Heads Up Guerrero.

  2. The Trout card was actually included in packs of Bowman Platinum as a retail inclusion for National Baseball Card Day.