Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Thanks For Thinking FOR Me

There have been some pretty cool stamps affixed to PWEs lately and this one on an envelope from Nachos Grande is pretty cool indeed. This stamp was issued last year and commemorates the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. There is a second stamp that goes with it and shows the famous photograph of Buzz Alrin on the moon with a reflection of Neil Armstrong in his visor. FUN FACT: To mark the release, the stamps were given out free on July 19 for any visitors to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex's Apollo/Saturn V Center.

1998 Pinnacle Swing For The Fences Game Rules #17
Chris saw that I was collecting this rules set and sent this card that I needed. 
Thanks for thinking of me.

 But Chris also did some thinking FOR me because he sent these points cards, which until I opened the envelope, didn't know existed.
There's 50 cards in this set, I'm now nine on my way.

So, thanks for thinking OF me and thanks for thinking FOR me!


  1. They chose Palmeiro for a card about rules? LOL

  2. Cool stamp. I just picked up a pair of cards related to the moon landing.