Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

I was sorting through a stack of cards, sorting by year so that I can put them into their appropriate Angels binder. The stack was upside down so I could see the year. The year the card was issued is usually in tiny print on the back side of the card.

I saw the photo and immediately though, "Oh cool! A new Jim Abbott card that I've never seen before. And he's at Anaheim Stadium!"

Then I turned the card over to see the front.
I probably have a dozen of these already.
Seen them a million times.

Often I get caught up in the accumulation, the collecting. Rip a pack, pull the Angels and stick them in a binder without paying attention to the beauty of these little cardboard gems.
I need to slow down sometimes and look at the backs of cards, read them, soak them in.

Do you ever catch yourself trying to accumulate what you need and not paying attention to the details?


  1. Oh, I've flipped through many card without looking at them and I don't even want to think about how many gems I've passed up.
    Lately though, I've slowed down and I'm enjoying them more than ever.

  2. Absolutely! I'll really get caught up with building a set and I'll tend to not pay attention to the individual cards. I still find new things in sets I finished ages ago and wonder how I missed them earlier. Lots of really fun card back cartoons for example.

  3. I'm totally guilty of skimming through card fronts without giving the backs their due. Part of it has to do with patience. The other has to do with lack of time... or that I'm in a rush.

  4. I'm sure there are many times that I've built the set and have only looked at the numbers on the back for any length of time. Especially true in recent Topps flagship for sure

  5. I'm often guilty of this, especially when it comes to card backs. I'm only now discovering interesting photos and/or factoids on backs of cards I've had for years.