Saturday, February 17, 2024

Beefing Up The Angels Collection

Made a big 47-card TCDB trade with freddybacon recently to primarily beef up my Angels collection. Fred has to be the best packager of cards I've come across: each card was in its own penny sleeve, the cards then split between two sealed team bags. This is great because these cards will all go into binders so now I have a new stock of penny sleeves to use.

And a couple of checklists too.


  1. The Braves' TBS era - when even average players were known throughout the country.

  2. Really like the '72 throwbacks. Especially, the Trout and Ohtani cards.

  3. Gonna miss seeing #17 in an Angels jersey.

    1. Lol. I meant gonna miss seeing Ohtani in #17 in an Angels jersey :D

  4. You don't hear about it a lot on the blogs, but I would imagine that big trades like this go on all the time over there.