Friday, March 29, 2024

Christmas in March

Last week I received a Christmas card from Angus (Dawg Day Cards), postmarked March 14.

I guess he's running a little late this year, but in reality, it's never too late to send a Christmas card.
When I opened it up, out fell a couple baseball cards, and after I read the warm greeting, was very pleased to see some O-Pee-Chee stuff.

1978 OPC #233
I've seen the "NOW WITH" on cards before, but I don't think I've seen one with "AS OF...." before. Or at least I never really noticed it. Cool card regardless.

He also sent this 1986 OPC Tattoos with Angels Brian Downing

Only, it was the whole sheet he had sent:
And was too long to fit on my scanner (Bill Buckner not shown)

I love opening envelopes, but I especially love opening envelopes with baseball cards inside!
Thanks Angus, and Merry Christmas (in March)!


  1. Yeah, I kind of let my Christmas cards slide this year. A bunch were even sealed and ready to mail, and I just never grabbed them and went to the post office.

    Glad you enjoyed them.

  2. I have some of those Tattoos. How do I tell the difference between the Topps and OPC versions?

  3. Or maybe he's just really early for next Christmas :)