Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ed Charles Thoughtful Response

Ed Charles signed this 1965 Topps as well as a 1966 Topps, an index card, and answered a few questions.
I sent these to his home in New York and 16 days later I got them back.

Ed played from 1962 - 1969 for the Kansas City A's and New York Mets.

I actually didn't realize that Ed was on the 1969 World Champion Miracle Mets.
'69 was his final season in the majors, so what better way to go out than with a World Series title.

I was very impressed with Mr. Charles responses to my questions.  Far more than the more typical one or two word answers.

Thank you very much Mr. Charles.


  1. Sounds like he'd be an interesting guy to sit and talk with for a few hours!

  2. I'm guessing he's not real happy with the Braves.

  3. "The Poet" is a hell of a guy. That's a real cool response about free agency. Nice!