Monday, June 4, 2012

More Angels Traded To Me

Picked out a sampling of sweet Angels cards from some trades I made recently with Pictures of Men, Coot Veal, and with Doc Holoday.
They sent me a ton of Angels cards, many of which filled in some gaps in my collection.
I hope you guys are as pleased with what I sent you as I am with what I got.

Let's begin.

2009 Obak Tristar Green Jigger Statz 21/25.
Yes, numbered to 25!
Statz holds PCL records for games, doubles, triples, and runs.  He won league MVP honors in 1932.
And best part, he was a ANGEL from 1920 - 1942.

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Gold Framed #268 Rod Carew.
I think framed cards are awesome.
Carew looks like he's hitting a home run, possibly one of the eighteen he hit as an Angel.

A nice variety of color parallels.  Walmart Blacks, a Target red, and two Bowman blues.  Those blues are numbered 097/520 and 318/520.

Another nice variety this time Topps gold parallels.  And we all know golds are numbered. Clockwise from Bartolo Colon: 0540/2007, 1469/2011, 0628/2011, 0601/2010, 0930/2009. 

2006 Bowman Howie Kendrick and an authentic piece of piece of his Futures Game game-worn jersey.

2008 Tri-Star Clay Fuller authentic (sticker) autograph card.
Fuller has been in the Angels system since 2006, still awaiting his call up to the Big Leagues.

Nice 2007 Upper Deck Artifacts Autofacts AF-KM Kendry(s) Morales.
So glad to have Kendrys back on the roster and playing after missing him last season with his ankle injury. 
And so glad to have this autograph card of him.

Sweet again.  Check another 2007 Topps Generation Now Mike Napoli off the list.
Now I need 8 more cards to complete Mike's set.

Trio of Rod Carew oddballs. 1981 Fleer Star Sticker #40, 1986 Fleer Future Hall of Famer #4, and a 1984 Topps 1983 All-Star card.  Good cards for my collection.

What an AWESOME shiny card!
I love this 1995 Select Certified Edition, Potential Unlimited #9 Garret Anderson.  
This is numbered 1 of 1, 975 sets produced.

Totally cool 2010 Topps T206 NNO SP.
I had to look this one up as I wasn't sure what it was at first.

Old school 1987 Topps Ralston Purina #6.
I like this design.  A little heavy on the top but the angle of the bats pushes your eyes downward to Don's mugshot.  It works.

I also got a nice lot of Tim Salmon cards that I'm saving for another post.

Thanks all for the awesome Angels cards. 


  1. Glad you liked what I sent. So, I'm dying to know, and I was hoping you'd post it: who the heck's on that Bazooka tattoo I sent you? Salmon? I never could figure it out.

  2. Troy Glaus. I was going to work a post around it. Be watching.