Saturday, November 24, 2012

Embossed, and Gold, and Metal, and Rookie Angels

Baseball Dad reached out a while ago offering a Panini Triple Play Pujols puzzle piece that I needed.  He also asked if I needed certain Angels cards that he had obtained in a break as his second team, AND some Tim Salmon cards if I needed them.

Oh yeah!

1995 Topps Embossed.
I only had one card from this set so I liked all that he had to offer.
And the gold embossed cards are really sweet.
They're alot like the Action Packed cards, which is one of my favorite set.

I remember buying a discount box of 1996 Leaf Preferred from a Target around 1999.
I got a bunch of these metal cards, but NO Angels.
I'm stoked to have these, especially with the protective film still intact.

He sent a nice selection of Pro Debut Angelites and a short stack of 1990 Leaf.
I like Angels Minor League cards.
You never know who the next ROY might be!

The Salmon offer prompted me to get a Tim Salmon wantlist together which took me a week or so to get figured out.
I have a lot of Tim Salmon cards but not near as many as I thought.
Or, at least, I didn't realize how many Tim Salmon cards there are.

There's three more down.
And some nice 1998 Bowman's Best.

Another subset I've never seen before.
2004 Bazooka Blasts bat relic for Nathan Haynes.
Nathan had a decent minor league career but never did much in the Majors.
He sure made it onto a lot of insert and relic cards though.

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