Monday, November 26, 2012

There's A Lot of '70's Topps on Listia

By "a lot" I mean a lot, you know, like a lot of 5 cards or a lot of '70's Topps.
Still not very clear. Websters defines this use of the word lot as a number of units of an article, a single article, or a parcel of articles offered as one item (as in an auction sale) .

OK so now you understand.

I won a lot of 1970's Topps Cards on Listia, a 5 card lot titled simply "Baseball Cards".

Nice 1970 Rookie Stars card of 3 fledgling Cardinals.
Sal Campisi and Reggie Cleveland are good TTM signers so I think I'll send this off to one of them for an autograph.  Santiago Guzman, not so much.

This was second best card in the lot that I wanted for my collection.
There's just something about Charlie Hough that I dig.
And there's something cool about Dodger's rookie cards.

Steve Renko played for the Angels so that was a draw for me to bid on this lot as well.

Billy Williams, HOFer, can't go wrong with a nice HOFer card.
Nice shot of HOFer Billy in an empty stadium somewhere.

Ah, and the real reason I actively bid on this lot.
Johnny Bench as Johnny Bench always is...IN ACTION.
Is that Willie McCovey behind him?

I won this lot with the 38th bid, a bid of 1,760 credits.

Oh and it also came with an unopened 1992 Fleer Basketball pack.

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