Monday, November 19, 2012

Pursued By Vintage Angels

Received a nice package of Angels cards from across the Pond. 

 I'll have to apologise though because I think I may have mixed up cards from two different traders: Pursuit of 80's(ness) and someone else. So if you think you're the someone else, sorry, but thank you for the cool cards.

I am fairly certain though that the vintage Angels came from Pursuit of 80's(ness).

1969 Topps Deckle Jim Fregosi

I love all the different products Topps put out in the 60's and 70's in addition to their base set.
I've had a bunch of these deckles in the past but have traded most of them off.  Except of course for the Angels.

Very nice looking 2012 Gypsy Queen Future Stars Mark Trumbo.
Not sure if Marks looking at a pop-up or a moon shot over the center field fence.
The text on the back notes that "his batting practice displays alone are worth the price of admission."

From the same set is this mini Mike Trout, Gypsy Queen back.
The artwork on the 2012 set is phenomenal.

Another vintage Fregosi is this 1968 Topps Game.
Jim grounded out.  Hopefully there was a runner on base that advanced.

1969 Milton Bradley Jay Johnstone.
I have the set of 1971 Milton Bradley Angels but this is the first 1969 one for my collection.

1961 Topps Stamps Eddie "The Walking Man" Yost.
Genius idea, in my opinion, for a Topps product. 
I'd love to have a full sheet of these.

1969 Topps Stamps George Brunet.
The blur is from my scanner.  I wanted the black background so I didn't put the lid down.
The gap in George's teeth however, is not from the scanner.

1969 Topps Stamp Album in which George Brunet would normally be affixed.
I'll keep this one mint and unstamped.
Great little item for any team collector.

1995 Museum Collection Gary DiSarcina.
Pinnacle Museum Collection is probably one of my favorite 90's designs.

2012 Bowman Danny Haren...
is this an X-fractor or a Silver Ice?
Either way, it's my first one.  Pretty cool.

Another Angel from the 2012 Gypsy Queen is this Albert Pujols Moonshots insert.
Twice I was bidding on this card on Listia, and twice I lost out.
One of those times I forgot to follow up and it went for something ridiculously low.

Anyhow, there was an additional short stack of Angels cards that I'm grateful for.
Thanks to the two of you.

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