Sunday, November 18, 2012

Panini Triple Play NPN Return!

I received an envelope in the mail a bit ago. I noticed it was from Panini America. Whuh?? I thought to myself.

Oh yeah, I sent an index card with my full name and address, mailed in a #10 envelope to Panini America NPN (No Purchase Necessary) for a chance to obtain an free Panini Triple Play card.

In the past, or the few times I've submitted an index card with my full name to a card company for the chance to obtain a free card, I've actually gotten some cool stuff like a numbered, or a parallel card. Stuff not too difficult to pull but that you don't get in every pack.

Panini Triple Play didn't have any of those cool kinda cards however. There are no autographs, certified materials, or refractors. The do have inserts though like stickers, Hall of Fame cards, and even a pseudo-jersey and bat/base/glove cards. So I was hoping for one of those.

Not so Grasshopper.  Not this time.

Thanks for the free card though Panini America.

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