Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Done With This One, Now On To That One

Just finished reading this book by Shelby Whitfield:

This scandalous book (or so it was hyped) gives the inside story behind the demise of the Washington Senators and how they became the Texas Rangers, covering a period in the franchises history from 1968 through 1972.  My only disappointment though was that the book focused more on the individuals involved (Ted Williams, Owner Bob Short, and several players) rather than on the scheming of Bob Short behind the real reasons for wanting to move the team...more investigative reporting would have been welcomed.  I also think that it may have been written one year too soon.  I would have liked to see how 1973 or even 1974 played out for the Rangers after the move from Washington.
It was still a good read though.

Now, I'm on to this book:

Just finished the first chapter and I really like Daniel Okrents writing.
He documents a single game between the Brewers and the Orioles in 1982 but then fills in the blanks with all kinds of historical background.

My son just gave me this book and normally new books go to the bottom of the short stack of books I want to read next.  But I was drawn to it immediately, and especially since my Sonny got it for me, it moved to the top.

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