Friday, March 15, 2013

Sparkle-Tastic Part 2

These sparkle-tastics come courtesy of Doc Holoday.

Purple refractor - nice.  And the lighting is just right that Chris's gnarly soul patch really sticks out.
It scanned well too giving it a nice 3D effect.
Glad to get another diamond sparkle but man I am really sick of seeing these.

Two from Bowman: Ervin Santana Chrome Xfractor and a gold Howard Kendrick.
Some cropping is the standard on a baseball card, like the lower legs, but I think it should be a no-no to crop a pitchers arm.  That's his bread and butter man.

Ervin makes a second appearance, arms intact this time on a very nicely done gold sparkle.
There's that laughing Conger too from the last post.
I dont know about you but I also think players should have their hats on.

John Hellweg, now with the Brewers on this chrome refractor.
The popcorn ceiling background is a really good design feature.

Oh yes!  I love how this looks.  Love the rainbow.  
But in this case I actually think the base card looks best.

But wait, there's more...

In this trio I prefer the green version.
It all depends on the photo.

The Xfractorization looks so much better on this Platinum card as opposed to the Bowman above, and the Bowman looks a lot better that the Topps in the previous post.

I have not gotten tired of the colored backgrounds on the Platinum cards yet.  Don't think I will either, as long as I don't get obsessed with collecting all of them.

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