Friday, March 1, 2013

Hey I Made The Card Ravens First Trade!

It was a while ago like early January, and now I know by following his blog that he's a very established and trusted trader.  But I, yes I The Angels In Order, was his very first.  Nice accomplishment for a blogger and trader.

It's easy to fall behind on trade posts when you have a lot going all at once.  I probably average 3 packages a week, but even at that it backs up fast.  I usually leave the entire envelope intact until I'm ready to scan it and write the post, but several packages from December - January got pulled from the envelopes and put into a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind. But better late than never.

Anyhow, nice simple trade and I was able to snag these sweet cards.

I see Todd Greene in there!
The trade came about when I had inquired of these 1998 Studio Proofs cards that the Raven had posted about.  I liked them, and I wanted them.  Much as the Raven liked and wanted the Topps Gold cards I had up for trade.  

So it all worked out well, as trades usually do.

The package even came with a custom placard!

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