Monday, August 12, 2013

All Mixed Up And Ready To Go

My in box turned out to be a mixed up box.  The last couple months I've been ripping packages, pulling out the eye-catching cards, sorting the rest to either the duplicate box or the team set binders.  The eye catchers however got all mixed in together without proper identification.  Fortunately as the packages came in I noted on a piece of scrap paper at least who this stack of cards came from, though which exactly come from who I dunno.

But a shout-out goes to scottcrawfordoncardscardboardcollectionsthediamondkingalltradebaitbaseballdad, and of course nightowlcards. (Those are the names I had on the scrap paper!)

Any card with Nolan Ryan in an Angels uniform is fine by me.  Although I am pretty worn on the Pacific cards from the 90's.  This is a nice tribute card from the 1993 Pinnacle set...although, he was still pitching in 1993.  Kinda unusual there Pinnacle.

Cool 2001 Donruss 20th Anniversary card for Rod Carew, commemorating his 1982 Donruss Diamond King card.  This one is numbered 1812/1982.

Shiney cards of the refractor variety.  The back of the Weaver card makes sure you know this is a states it twice along the top of the back.  The artwork on the 2005 Topps Gallery Vladdy card is really nice.  Reminds me a bit of Leroy Niemans artwork like this Sinatra
Frank Sinatra Poster Print by LeRoy Neiman (20 x 24)

Very glad to get this blank back 1983 Topps of Reggie Jackson.  Bet most of you haven't seen this card before.  That's because it came on a 1983 Topps promo sheet (which I have).
It's great to have an individual copy now too.  Also too bad Topps didn't stick with the multi-player design like this for the 1983 set.  I think it works really well.

Two more of the newer designs in the gold Mark Trumbo and the especially cool Gypsy Queen Framed White CJ Wilson.  This thing should be numbered its so sweet.

2003 Upper Deck National Pride Matt Campbell jersey.
Matt never made it to the Majors, bummer.
Pretty nifty Team USA card though.

Let's get ready to SALMOOONNNNNNNNNN!
Glory Be!

And more of Todd Greene is the icing on the Salmon cake.

This card combines two of my favorite things:
Angels logo cards, and Angels checklist cards.
Pacific almost got it right.
Swap Edmonds for Salmon or Green and this would be the perfecto card.

Real mini of the vintage type.
If you look closely, the Lockwood and Bochte cards have been cropped.  See how they're a tad shorter than the Rivers card?  Why someone would need to crop a mini EVEN MINIER is beyond me.


  1. Love the 83 Topps set. I too own that league leaders uncut sheet.

  2. That '83 promo card is great.

    I never noticed that with the '75 minis. I'm kind of wondering if some of the cards didn't come out of the pack like that back in the day. Too hazy to recall.