Friday, August 30, 2013

An Olympian, A Setter, And A Bullpen Catcher (I wont add Walk Into A Bar)

The Olympian is Chris Roberts who played for Team USA in the 1991 Pan Am Games, and then for the USA Olympic baseball team in Barcelona, Spain, in 1992.
Chris is now the Pitching Coach at Stetson University.
He signed these cards in 37 days from Stetson U.

Dave Gassner is the Setter, in that I needed him for this 2006 Fleer Tradition set I'm working on.
Dave signed this card and graciously answered a few questions for me in 10 days from his home in Greenville, Wisconsin.

Mick Billmeyer was the Angels Bullpen Catcher in the 90's, and played in their organization prior to that.  
I remember seeing him often on the field at the Big A.  
Mick has been the Bullpen Coach for the Phillies since 2000.
He signed this card and ticket stub in 10 days care of the Phillies.

That would be an interesting new autograph collection...Angels Bullpen Catchers.

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