Monday, August 26, 2013

First Trade with LV Another TTMer

Made a first trade with LV's TTM Autographs and Baseball Cards although we didn't trade any through-the-mail autographs.

I follow LVs blog regularly to see what new TTMs have been obtained.  Seems like everyday she's posting one or two different players returing signed cards.  Often times I'll piggy-back on those success and send some cards of my own out.  Especially if its someone I need for one of my set collections.

Anyhow, I reached out for a trade of non-signed cards and they responded with a nice lot of Angels and cards from my set want lists.

I needed this purple version of John Hellweg.
Are there even more color versions in this years Platinum?
I think so.
Sure makes teams sets extremely difficult to obtain.

Some other 2012 Platinums I needed for the base set.
I think I have the base set done, now working on the Prospects and Top Prospects.
Not doing the color versions on these though thank goodness!

Two more down on the 2008 Upper Deck Timeline set.
Another large and popular set I'm trying to complete.

A new Salmon not already in the binder, the 1994 King B Quality Meat Snacks disk.
They did a great job airbrushing the A off the helmet, almost looks like there never even was a logo there.
What is a quality meat snack by the way?

I wanted to show this 1982 Fleer Andy Hassler card solo because I was baffled by the centering of the picture.
Why did the editor decide he liked the expansive sky background over Mr Hasslers feet?
Was Hassler barefoot?
Wearing flip-flops?
I don't get it.

Rounding out the package with a potpourri of Angels cards of all shapes and sizes.

Nice trade LV.

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