Thursday, August 22, 2013

Angeltastic Platnumicious

I love Bowman Platinum.
I'd love to be able to throw down a twenty a couple times a week and rip through blasters. 
Per chance to dream.
Gotta find a job to feed the kids first.
Dang priorities.

I needed a break from "networking" today so I stopped at the LCS.  
"Hey young man, how's it going?" Says the Thursday-Friday guy who I always go see.
"Meh, I got laid off in June.  I need me some baseball card therapy" I replied.
"Sorry to hear that" he says, then "Yeah I provide therapy to lots of folks: I got lawyers, police officers, even got a brain surgeon that works 30 hours straight and comes here straight from work, doesn't go home first, comes straight to me for therapy.  So you don't worry, I'll help you out."

I perused the quarter cards for about an hour, knowing I have only several bucks to spend.  Pulled some 2013 Angels mixed stuff and then he offered a box of Platinum go through.  I knew immediately I wanted just about the whole box, not just the Angels, but I controlled myself and picked out some Angels cards.

He had some really good stuff in that box too, and was only asking a quarter a card.  Again self control.

I set my stack of cards on the counter, told him I had about six bucks worth, and reached for my wallet when he replied, "Don't worry about it, this is therapy."
I almost cried as I left him.  
God bless that card store man (his name is Bill BTW).

So here's some of the Platinum I pulled.

I'm so out of it this card collecting season that I don't even know what these subsets are called.
"Diecut" I imagine.

"Blue Refractor" numbered 100/199.
Had some rough spots on it but I don't mind.

"Top Prospects" Kaleb Cowart.

"Blue Sparkly Glassy"

"Base Cards"

Lots of text for those cards I know.
I just ran out of steam.

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  1. Hey, email me the name and address of the card shop. It's probably a trek from where I live but I haven't found one yet and that one seems like a good one. Thanks.