Sunday, September 22, 2013


As in former football Patriots.

Tom Neville (Patriots Tackle from 1965-1977) signed these 1970 and 1973 Topps in 10 days from his home in Wetumpka, Alabama.  

Tom also hand wrote me a nice note on his personal business letterhead answering my question as to what impact football had on his health.  He responded,
"1. Torn ligament in left knee.
2. Roll bicep left arm.
3. Broken leg and ligament on left side.
4. Broken fingers and hand.
5. Six concussion."
He then goes on to say,
" Tom it wasn't too bad. Life has been very good to me over the years. 
Oh yes, I almost forgot, I stubbed my big toe!"

Boy, that sure is a positive attitude and appreciation for his experiences.

Ron Berger (Patriots DE-DT from 1969-1972) signed these 1971 Topps cards in 10 days from Miami Beach, Florida.

Ron also included this nicely signed 8x10

I asked Ron if he had to overcome any obstacles in his career and he responded, 
"Yes. Too many to count.  Never give up!"

Chris Singleton (Patriots LB from 1990-1993) "CSl"ed me in 12 days from Chandler, Arizona.
Chris was the Pats first round pick in 1990 out of Arizona.

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