Friday, September 27, 2013

Sweet Mother Of Ron Fairly

I saw some recent successes with Ron Fairly through-the-mail on Sportscollectors.  
He's one I've been trying to get for years for my All-Time Angels collection.  

I only have a couple of his cards and I didn't want to hesitate by ordering a few from Sportlots and then having to wait for them to be delivered while the window on him signed gets slammed shut in my face.

So I took a big gamble and sent him this one:

A little off-center but a fairly (no pun intended) nice 1960 Topps rookie card.
I figured what the heck.
It's just sitting in a binder doing nothing.
If I get Ron's autograph on it, now that would make it awesome!
And it does.

I also sent his 1979 Topps Angels card.

I'm very pleased.


  1. The 1960 Topps card picturing a svelte Fairly is pretty sweet.

  2. not sure what made fairly decide to start signing, but i'm not complaining!