Sunday, April 27, 2014

Completed Master Set - 1984 Topps

Page 1 representing the complete 792-card 1984 Topps Baseball set.

I started this set back in 1984 when I bought two or three wax boxes from a small family wholesale business I worked for.  I didn't open up the boxes until years later, probably in the mid 90's.
Even at opening up two or three boxes I was still a ways off from a set, lot's of dupes, but not close to a set.

Here's a nice page showing some of the cards I've gotten autographed. 
I have around 250 of the cards signed.
I used the checklist cards to get umpire autographs on.

Somewhere along the way I dumped all the game cards I pulled from all those wax packs, saving only one of each (I think this represents all the types there were).
I can kick myself now for dumping the rest of those sweet cards.
If you read me regularly you know that I collect game/sweepstakes/scratch-off/mail-in cards.
Especially the old Topps ones.

Here's the 1984 wrapper, a little miscut but I'm good with that.  
I'm not that much of a purist.
I have the three versions, each with a different advertisement.

Here's that Encased Variation Blank Back I mentioned in my last post.
I wanted to have at least one of these for the Master set.
Glad I was able to pick up an Angels player.

I found this digging through boxes at my LCS.
Nice miscut.

I also have the Glossy All-Star set that were inserted one per rackpack.
This is page 1 of the 22-card set featuring the 1983 National and American League All-Stars.

In the binder is also the 132-card traded set.
We all know how the backs differ from the regular cards.

And the box they came in.

And my vote for the worst airbrushing in the traded set...

Ron Reed #98T.
Ron went from the Phillies to the White Sox and got a complete hosing off to show for it.
He looks like a cartoon.

All I'm lacking is a wax box, but I can do without.
That wraps up 1984 Topps.


  1. What about the Send-Away cards that you got for all those runs in the insert cards? I remember distinctly sending away for the full set that year because it was the first year I ever bought multiple boxes of Topps
    (at Price Club for like less than $20 apiece)

  2. Remember, I didn't open up the boxes until years later, so I missed out on any send-aways.