Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm Just Not That Into You Anymore

The main portion of my player collection is comprised of Nolan Ryan, Wally Joyner, Jim Abbott, Tim Salmon, Mike Napoli, and Mike Trout. Mark Trumbo was the most recent player added to my player collection, being added shortly after Trout.    

Here's a typical sheet in my player collection binder.  These are all excess cards after that spot gets filled in the Angels team set binders.  I'll keep one extra card in the player binder then any extra after that go into a plastic player box for trade.

Since Trumbo was traded to the Diamondbacks in December of last year however, my interest in him has tapered off.  I tried to resist this happening as I genuinely do like the guy even though he's not most personable or fan friendly ball player.  I think I was drawn to his size (he's a big dude), and to his potential as a power hitter (the guys a monster). At one point I actually thought that he would turn out to have more of an impact than Mike Trout.  I was wrong there, not by much, but still wrong.

In the past I have continued collecting certain Angels after they've left and gone to other teams.  For these special players I don't have any problem getting cards of them in other uniforms.  He're some representative examples:

Nolan Ryan stays in the player collection, even though I need to collect him on Mets, Astros and Rangers cards.  Some of my least favorite Ryan cards picture him in a Rangers uniform.  This is probably because so many of them were mass produced in the junk wax era.  Still, I'm committed to getting at least one of each.

Joyner went on to play for the Royals, Padres, and Braves, so those teams cards are in the collection.  I haven't picked him up on any Braves cards yet.  I think there are only a few versions out there.

The Abbott collection includes cards from the Yankees, and White Sox.  Abbott also played for the Brewers which I am also lacking cards for.

Mike Napoli is my most recent non-Angels card part of the collection.  Nap is still a pick up for me even on Rangers and Red Sox cards.  And he'll probably stay strong in the collection for any future teams he plays for.

So you see it matters not the team that favorite player goes to.
It's all about the feeling.
And I'm just not feeling it for Mark Trumbo anymore.
I still want the guy to do well, I just don't think he's player collection caliber any longer.
So the Trumbo part of the binder will be dismantled and the cards put back into the Angels dupes box.

Am I too quick to pull the plug on Trumbo?
 But if I change my mind it shouldn't be too difficult in this day and age to pick up his non-Angels cards.
I saw one the other day in a rack pack of the new Topps series, and I just thumbed right on by.
Sorry Bro.


  1. Never did feel him enough to do a player collection. Liked having him on the team and loved the monster power, but then again he was another big slow 1B/DH type and the Angels have gotten loaded down with those guys lately. Skaggs is off to a great start. He was in the trade for Trumbo, maybe trade him into the PCs.

  2. It's your PC, so you get to make the rules. For me... I'll continue to add cards for players regardless of the uniform... if the price is right.

  3. The fan base loved him, I love his power but for whatever reasons [that maybe mine alone], he was never a personal favorite.

    On the other hand, even though he wasn't a home grown talent and has since moved on - I'll keep whatever Torii Hunter cards I run into.

  4. I'm more of team collector so usually when a player moves on I stop collecting him. The only exception is getting rookie cards of players that had long tenures as Pirates but did not start out with them. Like Fuji though, if the price is right I will always add regardless of uniform.

  5. Do you know what brand is the red and blue border Nolan Ryan card is?