Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Last 1953 Archives TTM

The last few 1953 Topps Archives I sent out went to the few surviving players that charge $5 an autograph. I don't have the big bucks to spend on autographs, but I had enough to send to a handful of old timers from this set, once I received a bulk of the cards I needed for the set from Howard Bagby.  
Gene Conley was the last card I sent out.

Conley played in the bigs from 1953-1963 for the Braves (Boston and Milwaukee), Phillies and Red Sox.
He signed this card for me in 11 days from his home in Foxboro, MA.
For 5 bucks.


  1. I'm looking to send out to Conley if I could get things together and not be lazy - these older retired players aren't getting any younger.

  2. He just signed at a card show I was at. It was in Mansfield ma. I live two towns over from Foxboro. He was there with a bunch of other ex Crltics players.