Friday, May 9, 2014

Bagby Bag-O-Cards

Opening up a package, or going through a stack of randoms and coming across a Tim Salmon, is one of those things that makes me feel like I ripped a pack of cards and pulled the most valuable, most desirable insert card of the set.  I love finding Salmons, even if I have them already.  It's just one of those rare genuinely happy, warm fuzzy things for me.

Six warm fuzzies in this sandwich-bagged group of cards from Howard Bagby.

World Class Athlete indeed is Jim Abbott, which reminds me that I need to go get his book Imperfect.
I'd be interested to find out how Abbott overcame any teasing he endured as a kid, and about his reaction to throwing a no-hitter.

I've read a lot of Angels books, and although I have Tim Salmons Always An Angel it's another that I just haven't had the time to read yet.  C'mon Winter!

Who out there amoungst you actually went to Denny's to get these Grand Slam cards?
Not me.
I did however have many trips to Whataburger to get those Nolan Ryan Sportsflix-looking cards.
And I bought a lot of Mothers cookies to get cards that way.
But I never sat down for a breakfast at Dennys in order to get a single Grand Slam card.
Tough 28-card set to complete that way I would imagine.
And not cheap either, but if you got a good breakfast out of it....maybe worth it.

Howard must have read that I love collecting sweepstakes and mail-in cards, especially the old Topps inserts like these Spring Fever Baseball cards.
Included with these were a handful of others, I picked these two because they're the prettiest.

Rex Hudler.
Always liked Rex Hudler, both as a player and as an announcer.
He's was always a good one to come over to the rail and sign cards and shoot the shit for a few minutes, take a selfie (before they were called selfies) and just be cool.
Look at him all confident and cool and Rex Hudlerish having made the perfect play at second base, looking all slick in his nicely pressed uniform.
Rex Hudler Silver Signature.

Howard is feeding me 1991 Topps Archives 1953 Topps cards a few at a time.
In the past several packages he sent me there have been a few of those that I still need.  He's inching me closer and closer to finishing the set but doesn't want me to do it all at once.
But probably what really is happening is he knows I'm collecting these and when he finds any he runs them across my checklist to see if I need them.
I've never me him but I have a feeling Howard is pretty thoughtful that way.

Another question for you guys.
Has anyone actually played this PowerUp! game?
MLB Fatheads on a card.
Kinda catchy though.  I'll admit I thought these as junk when I first say them; sat on a short stack I wouldn't even use for trade filler.  Eventually got rid of them all in a giveaway box to the local second hand store. Now I kinda like them.
Funny how that happens huh?

Some many colors, so many versions, but I would like to make a drive at knocking out the Angels teamsets for all the Upper Deck Starquests sometime.
Several pages of these would be pretty sweet to look at and a nice collecting accomplishment.

Josh Hamilton SP.
SP standing for Stupid Playslidingintofirstbaseheadfirst.

Good stuff as always Howard.
And as always, thank you.

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  1. I am glad that you liked them. You are correct, as I get cards I do keep an eye on your checklists and send what I get. I have a few more to send your way. I just got back from vacation and as I soon I get around to You will see some more.