Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Zippy Has Me Seeing Double

Zippy sent me his doubles, literally.

I wonder if any of these guys did only two of anything.

Grant Green
Green has exactly 2 career stolen bases and 2 career home runs.
He also plays 2nd base.
Looks like he's turning a double play.

Kaleb Cowart was born on June 2.
Twice he was hit by a pitch in A-Ball.

C.J. Cron has 2 C's in his initials.
He went to the University of Utah - 2 U's.
He's committed 2 errors at first so far this year.
He's also been hit twice.

And then there was this single beaut.
Tony Thompson plays for the Burlington Bees which may have been confused with the Salt Lake Bees, the Angels affiliate.  Burlington is in the A's organization.
He's now in Miami's however.
But Tony's initials are TT, same as mine, so that makes him, and this card, cool.
Dude has some power too: 18 HRs and 92 RBI last season.

Lemme know if this one was an accident and you'd like to have it back Zippy.


  1. Oh crud, I must've mistaken the Bees and the Bees. Sorry for that.
    Feel free to keep the autograph. It's the least I can do for sending you a mistake (and doubles). BTW, I'll send you a follow up PWE to make up for this blunder.

  2. The Burlington Bees have been the Angels low-A affiliate since last year.

    1. Ah Man. And I thought I did my research first too. Nice catch.

    2. You were right about Thompson though. Burlington was with the A's at the time.