Thursday, May 15, 2014

One Of My Favorite Minor League Cards Ever

I love the 1992 Upper Deck Minor League set.
I love the design and the look, that's why I'm collecting it.
But once in a while you come across a card that is just so striking and captivating that you can't stop looking at it.  I call it the Warm Baseball Card Fuzzies.

Take a look at this 1992 Upper Deck Minor League card of Cardinals Top Prospect Skeets Thomas:

It might be an average boring card to you, but
I love this card for so many reasons.

1. No Clutter - plain blue background, no ump, no catcher, no crowd, no advertisements.
It's a breath of fresh Spring air.

2. Red, white and blue.
Best baseball uniform colors ever.

3. Centering - except for his left foot being partially covered by the logo, Skeets is fully framed.
No appendages hanging off the card edges leaving you wondering if the player actually has a left hand or not.

4. Home plate is barely visible, but you know that it's there.

5. The best part, his expression:

That's so much more than intensity.
Skeets is pissed.
I bet the scrub pitcher just threw a brushback that Skeets took exception to.
Either that or....

He's pissed he just broke his favorite bat.
And they ain't cheep.
And they don't pay him enough.
And that Damn Pitcher!

He's even mad on the back of the card, the place usually reserved for hi-jinx, or big bubblegum bubbles, or autographing, or pretending the bat is a guitar or a pool cue....
oh, um, except he just BROKE his bat.


  1. I'm pretty sure I have a stack of 1992 Upper Deck minor league cards. I'll check your list and if I have any you need, they're all yours.

    1. Found 32 from your list. Email me your address and I'll ship them out.

  2. Lemme know what you need, I might have an extra.