Monday, May 12, 2014

Whats Wrong With You, John Olerud?

Thumbing through those 5000-count junk boxes at the LCS I came across the 1994 Fleer John Olerud.
I'm an Olerud collector so I stopped when I came to this card, and then something struck me as being off.

Can you spot the flaw?

Need some more help?
Here's a comparison of the correct card (top) and the flawed card (bottom).

See the how the circular gold printing is shifted left and up into the white border?
Pretty cool huh? 

In the same chunk of 1994 Fleer was this other card of John Olerud. 
What struck me about this card is that I'm pretty sure the photo was taken at Anaheim Stadium, the orange and tan seats taking me right back to the many games I've been to there growing up.
That would be right field or Wally World in the background.

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