Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 1993 Fleer and Fleer Final Edition

Twenty-three cards in the regular set (series 1 and 2), thirteen cards in the Final Edition.
The team set not only goes in alphabetical order but in numerical order in the two series 187-198, 568-578, and for the Final Edition F179-F191.

One thing to note is that on several cards you can see the black initals "DJ" on the right arm sleeve of some of the players.  This was to commemorate the passing of Deron Johnson who was an Angels coach for 13 years.

It was interesting to note on the back of the cards that Gary DiSarcina's had the only head shot, all the rest were of the full-body or from the waist up type.

Notable Rookie Cards from the Final Edition: Jim Edmonds and  JT Snow.

The Angels didn't have much of an impact in the 1993 Fleer insert sets, these two being the only cards.
These are from the Rookie Sensations insert set found only in Series 1 and 2 cello packs.

Sorry about that fiber on the scan.

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