Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fuji Promoted His Minor Leaguers

San Jose Fuji just knocked out more than half of the remaining base cards I needed for the 1992 Upper Deck Minor League set by sending me a whopping 32 cards.  Now I only need 30 more.  I still need a bunch of the inserts too, but those will prove to be very difficult to obtain I fear.  My focus is on the base set first.  Which is now within reach.

Is that a young Chipper chatting with Tony Tarasco?
Better than that, I like the way their jerseys say "B-Braves".


  1. I have 57, 76, and 118 for you. Will get them in an envelope, and going your direction.

  2. Glad I was able to help. Best of luck on completing the set.