Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Completed Page Of The 1980 Set

If you remember a while back I picked up a bag of cards at a local junk mall for a couple bucks.
You can read about it here.
In a nutshell, 462 cards from 1980 Topps.

Well I finally got around to adding those 462 to the cards I already had, and then adding in the cards that had been send to me by generous bloggers and putting them into a binder.

The page above is the first of only three complete pages so far, but most of the other pages are only lacking one or two cards (that's page 13, cards #109-117 for those counting).  This means I'm very close to finishing this set.  Like 197 cards close to finishing this set.
Thanks for everyone who's helped out so far.

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