Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Always Check Behind The Staple

Had an opportunity to run in to a Half Price Books today.  When I do I always head to the Clearance section first, then to the magazine section.  In the magazine section I look for the "Kids" cubbie first because it's there that I can usually find one or two Sports Illustrated for Kids.  And there it was that I found one and knew right away by the stiffness of it that it still contained the goodies.  And what are the goodies that make SI for Kids so awesome?

A sheet of cards of course!

This is the sheet out of the 2008 edition I found.
I didn't need or even want this sheet since there was nothing relevant on it for my collection so I was a bit disappointed, until I flipped to the other end of the perforated card sheet...you know, the end that usually has a subscription form, the end that's on the other side of the staple, in the back of the magazine.

That's when I saw it: 

Another sheet of cards!
But alas, stupid cards at that.
And not even real sports cards.
My hopes dashed again.

Till I pulled the sheet closer to my face and saw it:

Holy crap, that's an Angels card!

I don't know what these things are supposed to be, but I know an Angels card when I see it.
And one worth the whole buck on the price sticker.

Here's the back for kicks.

Before you ask, I don't cut these sheets up, I store them as a whole item even if there's only one single little card I want.


  1. These are characters from a popular baseball video gamed called Powerful released by Konami. And I'm guessing that what you bought is a promo ad for it's US release in 2008.

    In 2006 Konami also released a set featuring the real baseball players (which I'll blog about one day) as part of a card game.

  2. I had a PowerPros video game (I think it was on Wii - or maybe GameCube). Either way, despite the "kiddie" look of the thing, it had some of the most advanced (and comprehensive) statistics of any baseball game that I've ever played. That game kept track of everything!

    PS: Not sure if you saw that I'm hosting a 2015 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Case break - only letting you know here because the Angels are still available: http://fanofreds.blogspot.com/2015/01/2015-topps-jumbo-box-case-group-break.html