Friday, January 2, 2015

New Collections 2015: A Neglected Baseball Set

I've mentioned in the past that when I worked for the wholesale distributor back in the early 80's I picked up boxes of baseball cards that I put aside for several years.  Eventually this resulted in the 1983 and 1984 Topps sets that I was able to binderize and complete last year.

Well, there was another few boxes that I bought at the time, 1983 Fleer.  I actually had gotten pretty close to a complete set (and then some) from the 2 wax boxes I had ripped, and I had them in a binder at one time.  Somewhere along the way I decided I didn't like the set so much and had no desire to finish it so I broke it up and started trading and selling some away.  The rest ended up in a box.

Over the holiday last week I was doing some sorting and came across the cards, so I decided to see what I had left of the set.  Surprisingly, with all the dupes I had, I still had close to a complete set so I put them in a binder and here I am.

So out of 660 cards here is what I'll need to complete this thing:

Not bad huh?

Note: I do have 8 of the checklist cards, but they are marked so I would like to replace those with clean examples.  Those card numbers are in the want list.

Any help finishing this guy is appreciated.


  1. Let me take a look around I probably have all of them I had purchased a partial case from someone years ago. found one place were I had some and found 647, 651, 652, 653, 655, 656 & 658. but thats just a start.

  2. do you need 165 or 265? see above in order would be 265 but says 165 lmk

  3. I have a stack of about 35 I can send your way off your want list. Shoot me an email and I will get them out.

  4. Tom,
    I sent all of them to you today only missing the Rod Carew card.
    Thanks, Dion