Friday, January 9, 2015

I Scored At The Junk Mall

Stopped at the local junk mall on the way home from work today.
Just felt like it, not expecting to find anything really.  
I hit them up maybe once every two months or so.
I almost always seem to find something cool though.

Here's my receipt for the hour I spent there.
Five bucks.

That first line on the invoice is for a 1/72 model kit of a Cessna 02A.  
My old Guard Unit (California Air National Guard) used to fly those so I'm kinda sentimental towards them.
The kit is unbuilt but most of the pieces have been removed from the trees and the decals are missing.
I can deal with that for 2 bucks.

The second item is for a bag of cards I found.
I first noticed the pack due to the brightly colored yellow and orange card on top.

I like odd cards like that.
I thought maybe it was a sweepstakes card, which I collect.
I pulled the bag out of the heap of junk it was in at the bottom of a shelving unit and looked at the price tag expecting, as is the case more often than not, some outrageous asking amount.
Three bucks, cool.
Then I saw the writing...
"Checklist Cards"

Checklist Cards!!!!

And I just posted earlier this week how I'm now going to organize and "officially" collect checklist cards in 2015!
What a way to start.
With a score!

Here's the contents of the baggie:
The 1985 Wendy's Tigers checklist card is really sweet.
The 1992 French's is very 90's but unusual enough to make it a pretty cool find.
The Classic Best cards are undated so I'm not sure what set that is.
And the 1991 Fleer Logo Stickers card is not a checklist at all.

Here's the back of the Tigers card for kicks:

Some pretty good names there.
Were the cards in the standard 1985 Topps format?

1988, 1991, then BAM!
Three checklists from 1979 Topps.
I have these already in the 1979 Master set, but I don't want to double-dip so this will be the start of a second set of 1979 Topps Checklist cards.

Another set I have already, but within the Master set I recently completed, are these 1991 Upper Deck.  Of those shown I already have all except for the #500, 600, and 700 cards which will complete the separate set.

The 1990 Upper Deck Checklist set is complete already.
These 4 from 1990 Fleer are a nice start to that set.

There's a 1991 Fleer Ultra checklist with the Angels Team on it.
Uh-oh, I might need this for the Angels team set.

Okay, look at these light blue 1990 Donruss cards.
The first 2 are both numbered 96 but they have different player names on them.  Same with the next 2 cards: numbered 144 but different names.
Any ideas on why there are differences?

Those magenta Studio cards are neat, especially the one with the Stdio logo.  It's unnumbered.
I like that they feature managers too.
That's different.

And more 1990's Topps.

Well, with this hit I'm well on my way in my checklist collection.


  1. I think those two blue 1990 Donruss were from their "Best of the A.L." and 'Best of the N.L." sets. Hence the same numbering, but different players.